Japanese new year cards

New year is coming, and coming very responsible for the Japanese point — time to send Christmas cards, nengajo that the recipient received them early in the morning of 1 January.

The Japanese attach great importance to this custom. The Christmas card exchange — and this annual greeting, especially those of relatives, friends and acquaintances who have not seen, and a brief description of yourself and your family, usually — print of children, weddings, graduation and entrance ceremony, a few lines by hand, traditional Japanese motifs Christmas, new year’s room lottery — the circulation is carried out at the end of January and you can win prizes from the Ministry of mass communications — TV gift sets and sweets to stamps. Send postcards not only individuals, but also companies and public organizations to thank their employees or people that have had services in the past year.

Mangaze the story goes deep in antiquity, around the 8th century ad Nara Era (710-794) when did the tradition to make new year visits in the first days of the New year, in subsequent years, representatives of noble families and the nobility began Continue reading

Traditions of Valentine’s Day in different countries

To paraphrase one well-known expression, whole life is a holiday or a series of them, big and a little smaller. On the nose the next holiday, the holiday is not quite traditional in our country, but quickly took hold and favorite. Valentine’s Day. Celebrated by everyone who loved and was loved, and those who just want to celebrate something. Each country has its own traditions and peculiarities, which are not without interest to learn.

Holiday traditions of Valentine’s Day has emerged in Europe, because that is where originated this holiday, so let’s start the review from there.

In France . in which love Affairs are always treated with due respect, Valentine’s day has long been highly revered. The traditional gift on this day are jewels. The feature is that it is a celebration not just of two loving people, but whom I love: grandmothers, grandfathers, friends, acquaintances. By the way, that the French claim to the right of the introduction the first such now-popular “Valentines”. Only in the middle ages these were not postcards, and love letters-quatrains. Continue reading

Customs and traditions of the Crimean people

The population of Crimea, including Sevastopol, is about 2 million 400 thousand people, is quite a lot, its density exceeds the average, for example, Baltic republics in 1,5 – 2 times. However, for Ukraine this population density, as in Crimea, is average. But in August on the Peninsula is up to 2 million people, i.e. the population doubles in General and in certain areas of the coast reaches the density of the inhabited areas of Japan, more than 1 thousand people per square kilometer – there is something to ponder.

What kind of people live in Crimea, who are those lucky ones for whom “life resort”? (The idea of Paradise carefree life of the Crimeans – not uncommon among vacationers, so recall that local residents have the same two weekends as everywhere else, vacation, 18 or 24 days a year and more often than not in the holiday season. Those who are connected with the service of tourists, even in summer work for 12 and more hours, having 2 – 2 weekends per month. “Resort” prices, you are stunning only the period of leave Crimeans to “terrorize” the entire season, and the Yalta – all year round. However, rarely leaving here forever, the Crimeans like my region.

Some time ago, the majority of Soviet Continue reading

Wedding in Japan


The trouble starts six months before the announced deadline. The parents of a young man asking a girl’s hands from her father. In Japan developed institution of betrothal. The bride and groom exchange wedding gifts. Families also exchange gifts. The bride as a token of betrothal it is customary to give a Golden or platinum diamond ring (worth up to 5 thousand dollars), if funds do not allow, a pebble-a symbol of her Zodiac sign. The bride makes the groom is also a wedding gift (ring, too, but much more modest cost). The bride’s family presented the money to cover expenses of the wedding.

Then it is necessary to resolve the issue with the kimono (buy or rent), both are not cheap. The cost of wedding dresses for young (everyone) can result in a sum equal to the amount of costs actually at the wedding – the average wedding for 70 people can cost the bride’s parents 50 thousand dollars. Also choose cards and then invite many relatives and guests (a Japanese wedding can be small – from 10 people, and many – 500-700 people, and require investment from 5 thousand dollars to the first case, as we have said, 25-50 thousand dollars in the past), to select and prepare gifts for the guests (Yes, guests). In Japan it’s customary for young give guests all sorts of useful household stuff that we give young guests to the wedding. Continue reading

Power Tradition of pastoralists of Central Asia


With motion sickness can chew some leaves of dry green tea, it helps with nausea and in other cases -for example, at high pressure.

– For colds 3 teaspoons tea 1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon of vodka and a glass of water bring to a boil. To drink during the day.

– Ground cherry strengthens the stomach… ……………………………………….

– Concentrated broth, especially lamb, compensates for the deficiency of iron in the body. This applies to long ailing people, pregnant women, anemia patients. In modern conditions it is possible to prepare beef and chicken, but always with a fresh date of manufacture and packaging of the product. Defrosted meat desired therapeutic effect does not… ……………………………………………….

– Equine internal fat “Arbin” helps with anemia, dizziness.

– Guts – intestines, stomach, liver, kidney, heart also contain a lot of iron and is essential for those who are “tired” to eat meat and decided to go on a diet. Folk dietetics recommends eating them for Breakfast in a small amount.

– We know Continue reading

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